Delve into the world of storytelling with our novel book services. Our dedicated team is here to transform your creative vision into a captivating narrative that resonates with readers. From brainstorming ideas to polishing the final manuscript, our team provides expert guidance every step of the way. With personalized attention and a passion for storytelling, we're committed to helping you create a compelling novel that captivates readers and leaves a lasting impact.

Atlantic Book Writer’s Novel Writing Package

Turn Your Manuscript Into A Captivating Novel That Readers Won't Be Able To Put Down

Atlantic Book Writer's Novel Writing Package is designed to support aspiring novelists at every stage of their creative journey. With personalized guidance and expert assistance, we're here to help you turn your novelistic dreams into reality. Whether you're a seasoned author or a first-time writer, our package offers the tools and support you need to craft a compelling and unforgettable novel.
  • Plot development assistance
  • Character creation guidance
  • Story structure consultation
  • Manuscript editing
  • Proofreading
  • Cover design
  • Interior layout formatting
  • ISBN assignment
  • Copyright registration
  • Print-on-demand publishing
  • Ebook formatting
  • Distribution to major retailers
  • Marketing strategy consultation
  • Author website setup
  • Social media promotion
  • Book launch planning
  • Author branding assistance
  • Audiobook production
  • Author copies
  • Royalty management

Let Us Guide You Through Every Step Of The Journey, From Crafting Your Story To Seeing It On Bookshelves Worldwide.


Your Step by Step Journey to Becoming a Novel Author

Embark on the exciting journey of bringing your novel to life with our comprehensive novel publishing guide. From manuscript refinement to book launch strategies, we provide step-by-step instructions to navigate the intricate world of publishing. Let's transform your literary aspirations into a published reality.


Manuscript Review

Our team meticulously reviews your manuscript, providing detailed feedback on plot, characters, and overall coherence to ensure it's ready for publication.


Editing and Revision

Skilled editors work closely with you to polish your manuscript, refining language, fixing grammar, and enhancing readability for a professional finish.


Cover Design

Collaborate with our designers to create a captivating cover that entices readers and accurately reflects the essence of your story.



Our experts format your manuscript according to industry standards, ensuring it looks polished and consistent across all platforms.


ISBN Assignment

We assist in obtaining an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), a crucial identifier for your book's distribution and sales tracking.


Printing Options

Explore various printing options, including print-on-demand services or traditional printing, to determine the best fit for your publishing goals.


Distribution Channels

We help you navigate distribution channels, including online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as brick-and-mortar bookstores.


Marketing Strategies

Develop personalized marketing strategies to promote your book, including social media campaigns, book signings, and author events.


eBook Conversion

Convert your manuscript into various eBook formats for digital distribution across platforms like Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.


Launch Plan

Create a comprehensive launch plan to generate buzz around your book release, maximizing visibility and sales opportunities.

Why Trust Our Novel Writing Experts For Your Manuscript?

Atlantic Book Writers offer comprehensive support at every stage of your novel writing journey. From expert manuscript evaluation to polished editing and professional cover design, we ensure your book meets industry standards. Our tailored marketing strategies and distribution expertise maximize your book's reach, turning your literary dream into a successful reality. With a dedicated team passionate about storytelling, we provide personalized guidance, empowering you to share your story with the world in the most impactful way possible. Trust us to bring your novel to life and navigate the complexities of the publishing landscape with ease.


Satisfaction Stories Unfold With Atlantic Book Writers

Explore what our authors have to say about their experience with Atlantic Book Writers. Read their testimonials to discover the impact our services have had on their literary journeys.


I couldn't have asked for a better team to bring my novel to life. Their attention to detail and unwavering support throughout the process made my dream of becoming a published author a reality. I'm forever grateful for their expertise and guidance.

Alexander Author

Working with Atlantic Book Writers was an absolute pleasure. They took my manuscript and transformed it into a professionally published novel that exceeded my expectations. Their dedication to quality and commitment to my vision truly set them apart. I highly recommend their services to any aspiring author.

Andrew Author

From the initial consultation to the final publication, Atlantic Book Writers provided exceptional service every step of the way. Their passion for literature and commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of their work. I'm thrilled with the outcome and proud to have my novel in the hands of readers

Olivia Author
Global Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find comprehensive answers to common queries about our services
and the authorial journey.

The time it takes to write a novel varies greatly depending on factors like length, complexity, and the author's writing pace. On average, it may take several months to several years to complete a novel.
It's not necessary to have a complete outline, but having a basic structure or outline can help us understand your requirements better. Some authors prefer to outline extensively, while others prefer a more organic approach.
Beta readers can provide valuable feedback on your novel before publication. You can find beta readers through writing groups, online forums, or by reaching out to fellow writers or avid readers in your network.
Marketing strategies for promoting your novel may include book signings, author events, blog tours, social media promotion, and email newsletters.
Hiring a professional editor can help improve the quality of your novel by providing objective feedback and guidance. Consider your budget and goals when deciding whether to invest in professional editing services.
The rights you retain as an author depend on the terms of your publishing contract. It's essential to review and negotiate your contract carefully to ensure you retain rights like copyright and creative control over your work.
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