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At Atlantic Book Writers, we understand that every author has a unique voice and vision, and our goal is to honor that individuality. With a focus on delivering a comprehensive range of solutions, we guide our clients through the intricacies of writing, publishing, and marketing with the utmost professionalism. Our mission is centered on providing tailored services to ensure a seamless and efficacious experience for authors seeking to bring their literary works to fruition.

Atlantic Book Writers aspires to become more than a service provider; we aim to be your creative ally on this authorial journey. Why do we do it? Because we’re driven by the transformative power of storytelling, and our commitment lies in making the process seamless for you. Through close collaboration, we ensure your book not only mirrors your style but resonates deeply with your intended audience. Join us at Atlantic Book Writers, where your story becomes a shared experience, leaving an enduring mark on literary landscapes.


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Explore our extensive array of ghost-writing services designed to empower aspiring authors to achieve their publishing goals.

Our comprehensive suite ensures that every aspect of your literary journey, from writing and editing to marketing and publishing, is expertly handled. Partner with us today and come one step closer to fulfilling your life-long dream!

Service Packages

Refer to your contract for details on the refund process after enlisting our services. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Service Packages

Rest assured, our writers prioritize originality, delivering content that is 100% free of plagiarism.

Service Packages
Secure Ownership

When you choose Atlantic Book Writers, you retain complete ownership of your book. We do not claim any rights to reuse your material.

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Proficient Native

Benefit from the expertise of our team of native English-speaking ghostwriters, each with a natural flair for the written word.

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Accessible Customer

Our consultants are here to address your concerns 24/7, providing continuous online support.

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Thorough Research

Prior to commencement, our writers engage in thorough research to ensure your project is well-informed and well-crafted.

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Client Satisfaction
and Loyalty

Experience our reputation for client retention. Once you've experienced our services, you'll find yourself returning for more, inspired by our commitment to your satisfaction.

What Sets Atlantic Book Writers Apart? Our Dedication to Perfection!

At Atlantic Book Writers, we pride ourselves on delving deep into the essence of your narrative, meticulously undergoing multiple revisions to ensure every detail is refined to your taste. From designing the most eye-catching covers to the precise formatting tailored to each platform, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Our expertise extends beyond writing, encompassing the intricate journey of publishing, where we navigate complexities to ensure your book graces the shelves flawlessly.

Choose Atlantic Book Writers for a journey where your story is not merely written but thoughtfully crafted, transforming it into a compelling reality that captivates readers irresistibly. Your literary aspirations deserve nothing less than our meticulous dedication and professional expertise.


Voices of Satisfaction: Testimonials from our Delighted Authors

Explore what our authors have to say about their experience with Atlantic Book Writers. Read their testimonials to discover the impact our services have had on their literary journeys.


Atlantic Book Writers didn't just write my story; they understood my soul. The collaborative process was like sharing secrets with a friend. My book, now a topseller, is a testament to their passion and commitment.

Eva James Author

I dared to dream, and Atlantic Book Writers turned it into a reality. Their team felt like companions on this journey, shaping my words with care. Seeing my story touch hearts is beyond my wildest dreams.

Joshua Author

The entire experience was phenomenal. Atlantic Book Writers not only captured my words but also my essence. Their unwavering support and personalized approach made this journey an unforgettable, deeply personal experience. I will definitely come back here for other ideas that pop up!

Nora Author
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find comprehensive answers to common queries about our services
and the authorial journey.

Our ghostwriting process involves close collaboration with experienced writers who bring your ideas to life. We start with a detailed consultation to comprehend your vision and proceed to draft, edit, and finalize the manuscript, ensuring it aligns with your expectations.
We specialize in an extensive range of genres, comprising fiction, non-fiction, romance, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, memoirs, and more. Our diverse team of writers ensures we can cater to various literary preferences.
Absolutely! We encourage constant collaboration. Your input is crucial, and our writers work closely with you, incorporating feedback to ensure the final manuscript aligns with your vision.
Yes, we provide comprehensive book marketing services, including strategic planning, online promotion, and outreach campaigns. Our goal is to enhance the visibility of your book in the competitive market.
Our editing and formatting services are executed with precision and attention to detail. We ensure your manuscript meets industry standards, is error-free, and has a professional layout, enhancing its overall appeal.
Our book publishing services encompass a seamless process, from cover design to distribution. We guide you through each step, guaranteeing a hassle-free publishing experience, whether you choose traditional or self-publishing routes.
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